MMS Advocates


2019 - 2020


Enhancing the freelancers ecosystem through design and development of a bidding platform.

The Challenge

In a country riddled with unemployment, how can we provide the youth with an avenue to grow and use their skills?

Our Process

We were tasked with designing a platform where freelancers can bid for creative work and get paid without the bottlenecks of current complex payment systems.

We did this by coming up with a simple interface and integrated Mpesa as the payment gateway due to its ease of use popularity among the youth. We also integrated machine learning to aid the system to accept and allocate bids in a smart way when the user base exponentially grows.

The Outcome

Within 6 months of going live, Chapawera had managed to get over 600 freelancers signed up with an average of 6 jobs added on a daily basis.

The platform had grown to an average of 4.5 bids per 10 minutes.