MMS Advocates


2019 - 2020


Redefining a digital approach to a traditional law firm structure.

The Challenge

How can a law firm sensitize the masses about law in a personalized way using the current social interactive tools.

Our Process

MMS Advocates needed to reach out to the masses and educate them on law that affects them in their day to day activities. This was to be done using channels that are easy to access and interact with.

We came up with a plan to curate information and designed how it could be accessed by anyone with a digital device with an internet connection from anywhere. This entailed developing a user-centric website fully integrated with social media accounts where users could access snippets of the said info.

We also streamlined the user journey in a manner that their queries could get instantly replied seconds within landing on the website.

The Outcome

High numbers of people receiving legal adviceĀ  through social tools. Dissemination of information through insights and articles in the legal spectrum led to empowerment of masses.